The 22nd year of SUDA CUP was a success!

The 22nd year of SUDA CUP was a success!

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One day, four participating countries - Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, 9 clubs, 24 teams, 35 referees, 15 cups over 250 medals and an incredible "marathon" 67 matches, it was the tournament Saturday 24.11.2018 in the Slavia hall in Hradec Kralove.

In the traditional November term of field hockey Slavia Hradec Králové, it organized the opening tournament of the indoor season of youth categories U10, U12, U14. The event is held as a reminder of Mr. Miloslav Suda, who contributed to the development of ground hockey in Hradec Králové.

To this extent and with such a busy foreign competition, the memorial took place for the first time during its existence. For example, the Croatian Ice Hockey Association in Zagreb has played the tournament as a national show.

We thank the already proven great organizational team. Any minimum help at such a big event was welcome. All those involved in the organization in any way include discharge. The tournament was financially supported by the city of Hradec Králové. We are already looking forward to the next 23rd year.


Great performances and the amazing commitment of everyone has brought this ranking:

U14 MVP team

1st place ZHS Zagreb Boys Luka Mesaric

2nd place Warta Poznań Oskar Martiniak

3rd place SK Slavia Praha Martin Jelínek

4th place HC Slavia HK Boys Marek Vodička

5th place KPH Raca Bratislava Veronika Rybanská

6th place HC Slavia HK Mix Eva Ostatnicka

7th place ZHS Zagreb Girls Iskara Bedenko


Best player U14 Filip Andrzejenski Warta Poznan

Best Gooalkeepr U14 Val Kuhar ZHS Zagreb Boys


1. place ZHS Zagreb Luka Aleksic

2nd place UKS SP26 Poznan Jakub Bochna

3rd place KS Cieszyn Szymon Suliga

4th place SK Slavia Prague Matěj Remiš

5th place PH Jičín Pešek Daniel

6th place HC Slavia HK Dominik Bažant

7th place Bohemians Praha Linda Nedvědová


Best player U12 Luka Golub ZHS Zagreb

Best Gooalkeepr U12 Konrad Sekula UKS SP26 Poznan


1st place Warta Poznań Zok Seweryn

2nd place HC Slavia HK 09 Matěj Holík

3rd place ZHS Zagreb Nikola Čačič

4th place HC Slavia HK Girls Tereza Pražáková

5th place KS Cieszyn Jakub Zdanowicz

6th place HC Slavia HK 08 Zdeněk Stránský

7th place SK Slavia Praha Lukáš Plachý

8th place KPH Raca Bratislava Matěj Nedeliak

9th place PH Jičín Michal small

10th place UKS SP26 Poznan Kasper Bielacki

Best player U110 HC Slavia HK 09

Best Gooalkeepr U10 Nikola Chacic ZHS Zagreg

Autor: Lucie Kožešníková