Something about hockey history

Something about hockey history

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Few sports can show such a rich and unusually long history as field hockey. Its origins go beyond just the end of the 19th century, when this game takes on a certain basic and solid character.

Two thousand years ago, two teams of four players played in Persia, trying to bend a small ball through a goal post with two posts using a curved stick. The description of the game is preserved in the heroic poems Shanana, Nizami, Yami and khaghyamé.

From Persia the game spreads through Tibet to China and Japan, where it was named "Dakiu" and played with a paper ball covered with bamboo cords. To the south, she got to India. As played in Greece, it shows an ancient relief that was discovered eighty years ago as part of the Themistokle Wall in Athens. It shows the rally, ie bulls, performed by two men, others watch and expect the result. It is also popular with the Romans, as evidenced by its exact description in the epigrams of Martiala and the title "harpastum" derived from the Greek harpazo, which is meant to "strike". This game was ambitious in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, but also in France - the word "hoquet" is probably the basis of a modern game designation.

An important milestone in the development of ground hockey is the first half of the 19th century, when it begins to grow mainly in English schools. In 1852, the first rules were issued, different in many ways from the present, but including the most important, essential features of the game.

We also took care of an important record in the world history of ground hockey. On January 7, 1924, the constituent meeting of the International Ground Hockey Federation took place, and we became its co-founders. In addition to us, in Paris, delegates from Belgium, France, Hungary, Austria, Spain and Switzerland decided to do so. Our representative elected to the Council's supreme body was Dr. Jaroslav Řezáč, a well-known goalkeeper, also represented Czechoslovakia in ice hockey at two European Championships and at the Winter Olympic Games in 1924

The number of FIH member countries has been increasing in proportion to the increasing popularity of this sport in the world. 1949 - 28, 1974 - 74, 2001 - 120, Today, five million players and five players play in all five continents. In Europe, with the highest number of registered landlords (130 thousand), the Netherlands is proud.

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