Slavia's May Tournament? Mission accomplished!

Slavia's May Tournament? Mission accomplished!

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I. International May Youth Hockey Tournament
Three participating countries, 7 hockey clubs, 18 teams, 82 matches, 130 medals, 40 cups, 20 cakes, 220 ice creams, 150 breakfasts, 300 lunches, 200 sausages. That was I. International May Youth Hockey Tournament. It will be remembered as unforgettable in memories.

Following the traditional indoor tournament of Miloslav Suda - Suda Cup, it was decided that one of the highlights of the spring season of the ground hockey season will be an international youth tournament.

During the weekend in May, the cup break allowed teams from the Czech Republic as well as Poland and Croatia to come to the town under the White Tower.

After several weeks of preparation and Friday rehearsal, everything could break out on Saturday morning, May 19th. At nine o'clock a two-day marathon of 82 games started. Teams of U10 and U12 clashed with each other on three tournament courses.

The official opening of the tournament with the display of state flags of the participating clubs was part of the morning program. During the afternoon, ice cream came in handy between the matches. The classic snack was replaced by free roasting sausages.

The end of the first day was marked by the hockey match of HK coaches against "The rest of the world". The players of the playing coaches themselves provided a stormy backdrop. The final result was better for the team of guests. Subsequent skills competitions of players, coaches and courageous parents were the famous icing on Saturday's hockey cake.

Groups were playing on Sunday. From the resulting table, there were pairs that competed for the final tournament ranking. The final struggles attracted a lot of fans with their excitement, not only from the players playing hockey players. In the subsequent award ceremony, the most useful players of each team were awarded and the overall results of the tournament were announced. All participating teams received commemorative medals, the first three in bronze - silver - gold. These awards were accompanied by cups, diplomas and, of course, something sweet - an excellent cake. Players were also awarded for their individual performances.

Passionately, the whole tournament could be summarized as follows: Charged and varied competition, new friendships, great atmosphere in the spirit of fair play and sometimes some bruise that undoubtedly belongs to sport. Players and players really enjoyed hockey and are already looking forward to the second year.

Rank U12 - best player team: 1. Zelina Boys (CR) - Hrupec Damagoj, 2. HC Slavia HK boys - Broz Rostislav, 3. Bohemians - Jindrakova Anna, 4. Gliwice B (PL) - Nowakowska Pavlina, 5. HC Slavia HK girls - Minaříková Kamila, 6. Zelina girls (CR) - Litvic Andela, 7. Cieszyn (PL) - Buzek Michal, 8. Gliwice A (PL) - Pardula Maja.

Rank U10 - best player team: 1. HC Slavia HK 07 - Stekly Ondrej, 2. Zelina girls (CR) - Hruskovec Eva, 3. HC Slavia HK 09 - Holik Matej, 4. Mnichovice - Soukup Dusan, 5. HC Slavia HK girls - Kreibichova Barbora, 6. HC Slavia HK 08 - Vejvoda V. Vojtech, 7. Zelina boys (CR) - Danko Filip, 8. Gliwice (PL) - Gawrysiuk Mateusz, 9. Cieszyn (PL) - Stabrawa Gabriel, 10. SK UP Olomouc - Stencl Jan.

Individual awards - Best player tournament - MVP U10: Hrupec Tea. Best player tournament - MVP U12: Antorkovic Luka. Best goalkeeper U10: Chládek Fabián. Best goalkeeper U12: Jirka Adela.

All-star tournament U10: Drešerová Amálie, Vejražka Roman, Bursik Filip, Bažant Dominik, Vodička Radim.

All-star tournament U12: Doubravova Eliska, Kodym Norbert, Zelko Ruga, Hyncik Ondrej, Wrebel Carton.

Thanks to all the organizers of the hockey club Slavia Hradec Králové, the trainers and the parents of the children. The sporting event was organized with the participation of the City of Hradec Králové, which provided a helping hand to the organizers
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