II. International May tournament Hradec Králové

17/05/2019 - 19/05/2019

U14  U12  U10 E  U10 S 

17.5. - 19.5.2019 II. International May Tournament in Hradec Králové. 37 teams in four categories U10 Standard, U10 Elite, U12 and U14. Teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Austria. The tournament will take place in the Sports Ground Hockey Complex in Farařství. This sporting event was financially supported by the city of Hradec Králové.

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MIX Category:


Boys / Girls U10 - year 2008 and younger

Boys / Girls U12 - year 2006 and younger

Boys / Girls U14 - year 2004 and younger





Is played according to SC (competition rules) and valid rules of ground hockey including differences for individual categories in the Czech Republic listed in this schedule.




  • playing time 2 x 11min 
  • half-time pause 1 minute only in the form of "timeout", without changing the page
  • without the possibility of another "timeout" for all categories
  • format U12, U14 - 5 + 1; U10 - 4 + 1
  • the home team has the right to choose the party
  • the visiting team begins with the rally
  • team exercise will take place outside the playing area
  • at all times the matches start at one time
  • all teams must be present at each match in time to match the schedule


Category U10

  •  no - dangerous game
  •  no - strike and argentine backhand
  •  rally 3 m from the circle - not directly into the circle - a) pass outside the circle - b) self pass 3 m outside the circle
  •  no - big horn
  • small corner = 10 sec. raid. 5 m from the ring
  • U12,14 without exceptions


The ranking is decided by

  1.  achieved number of points
  2.  mutual matches (3 and more teams - mini-table)
  3.  score - goal difference, 4. score - more goals scored
  4.  raids on goal to decision (in basic series) 3 raids and each others in the decision)



 After the match, one of the teams always ensures a subsequent match.



A protest can be made if there is a gross violation of the tournament rules or regulations. The protest fee is CZK 500, which is refunded if a protest is accepted.



Tournament participants are not insured and the organizer is not responsible for any physical injury or material loss in connection with participation in the tournament. The manager of the expedition is responsible for the behavior and safety of players throughout the area and for ensuring personal belongings and valuables.




Each team will arrange their balls for their birth. The balls are supplied by the organizer.

Start of the match

If the team does not start the match for any reason in time, there will be a 3: 0 contest for the oncoming team.

Dresing rooms

With regard to the number of teams and the limited number of changing rooms in the area, the allocated dressing room will be shared by more teams. Please be careful and agree. Valuables can be stored in the security box in the dressing room. You will receive the keys, if any, against the deposit at the site manager.



Město Hradec Králové
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